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Getting the best staff is the best way to get good performance. However, things may still go wrong or employees may change in their motivation over time so the manager needs to know how to deal effectively with problems when they arise.

Recruitment and selection

  • This course is more than a tick sheet. You will be given the skills for recruitment such as effective listening, questioning and reading non-verbal cues which can also be used for all types of employee meetings.

Contracts and employment

  • A well written contract can avoid many problems later in the employment. However, no matter how well drafted an initial contract is, things may need to change over time and how to vary terms and conditions is essential. This course takes you through practical scenarios of changing employment contracts.

Handling difficult meetings

  • These courses will provide you with the skills for dealing with a range of difficult meetings such as discipline, grievance, sick absence, poor performance and redundancy whilst avoiding legal pitfalls. All courses will be extremely practical using the experience of HR practitioners who have actually conducted many such meetings.

Avoiding discrimination

  • Discrimination legislation is wide reaching and is a potential problem in many areas of employing people. This course aims to give an overview of the key pitfalls an employer may unwittingly fall into and ensures fair treatment for all staff.

Discipline, grievance and dismissal

  • This course will use case studies and exercises to supplement information on when to use informal or formal discipline, following a fair procedure covering how to investigate and conduct meetings and the decision-making process on penalties.

Managing poor performance, sick absence and stress

  • Poor performance can occur for a number of reasons. The employee is not suitable or has not been trained to do the job, high levels of sick absence reduce efficiency and place a burden on the rest of the team and long term sick absence is difficult to manage and can place the employer at risk of disability or negligence claims. This course will help identify the underlying reasons for the lack of performance and give practical guidance on how to manage it.

Redundancy and restructuring

  • Organisations need to adapt to changes over time from demands from their customers, market and economic demands and competitor action. Restructuring and organisational change needs to be handled carefully if the good will and motivation of the work-force is to be maintained during the process. If redundancies become necessary, there is a correct procedure which must be followed if claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination are to be avoided. Our course takes you through best practice for change and the procedure for redundancy.

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