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Redundancy (Premium)

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Redundancy – how to manage redundancy at work

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Includes advice on:

  • The legal definitions of redundancy.
  • The steps an employer must take for a fair procedure when making redundancies.
    • Identifying jobs at risk; defining the pool for selection; enforcement of mobility clauses; “bumping”.
  • Consultation- who and when to consult; collective and individual consultation; definitions explained; information to consult on.
  • Handling volunteers; protective awards.
  • How to conduct individual consultation meetings.
  • Developing fair and non-discriminatory selection criteria.
  • Example scoring matrix and other selection criteria.
  • How to handle employees on maternity, paternity and adoption leave.
  • Calculating notice and the legal options for it.
  • Suitable alternative employment and trail periods.
  • Calculating redundancy pay.


  • Letter templates covering the whole process from initial consultation to dismissal and alternative roles.
  • A summary guide for managers for the stages in managing redundancy.

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